Trust your hopes, Not your fears

Wednesday, March 16, 2011.

Yes I know Ive been missing for quite some time, so sorry for neglecting you dear blogger.
Ive been waiting to go for job interviews, sadly I received none. Maybe just not yet, well I really hope to hear from them soon cause I badly need a job.
Firstly, in need of money. Secondly, to occupy my time.
Well for the past few weeks, all I did was just.. rotting at home, meeting my friends for great outings such as sentosa, karaoke, sleepover and etc. Basically chilling with my wonderful friends :D

*An update : Will be going to Bangkok with sister on April. Cant wait for that! :D

Anyways, I cant believe that Im turning 20 in less than a week?! Excited? Hmm not really. But nevertheless, for sure I will still celebrate, its my birthday you see! :D Somehow Im looking forward to turn 21, not because of being LEGAL but that age will be really nice because it falls on 21st march 2012. hee (:

For this year birthday, all I hope for is to be surrounded by my loved ones (:
Cute sweet surprises will be nice, hee. It doesnt have to be a BIG ones or expensive, just something sweet that comes from the heart, sincerity. I will definitely appreciate and treasure that. *hugs*

So tomorrow I will be at atikah's crib again. Haha, mcm tak puas2 gitu eh, padahal last mon baru sleepover at her house. I have to be there tomorrow cause die mintak tolong nk bake cupcakes, so yeah no problem babe! Im sure it gona taste sweet. Hmmmm :D

I guess I'll end here, will do more updates in future. Stay tune. XOXO

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