Trust your hopes, Not your fears

Friday, March 21, 2014.

Its been quite sometime since my last entry. Sorry, Ive just been too busy. Indeed, its one of the most challenging year for me. 

All that is in my mind now is to get over with my finals though Im not prepared at all. Im just getting tired with studies. I kinda want to start off with smtg new. A new environment, experience, a new phase to be precise. Sch this year has just been too stressful. I do get some nervous breakdown moments at times, just too fear that I might not do well and wont be graduating. I tend to overthink too much about my future lately, negative thoughts. And its really not doing good at all for me. 

My family by farmost, has been so supportive, never fails to motivate me whenever I feel like giving up. Cz I reach to a point, where at times, I kinda lose interest towards studies. I know, I shouldnt be in that way. Its my last stretch, I should work harder. 

I finally managed to resolve this, which is by frequently reciting the al-quran. I try as much as possible to recite it 5 times a day, after each prayer. And yes, eversince then, I feel much much better. It totally help to ease my mind. I feel so much peaceful and alhamdulilah, somehow Allah has help to ease my learning process. Revising sch work is no longer a pain. Im much much confident and back on track, striving to do the best. And also, Ive been regularly doing my late night prayers, and Alhamdulilah I could sense that it has help me in a way. Indeed, al-quran and prayers are the best remedy to almost everything. Thank you Allah (: 

So for now, Im just pack with revisions till finals hit me 6th May till 20th May. InsyaAllah, I'll do my best. Im doing this not only for my parents but for myself. And in the meantime, I shall not let any negativity sneaking in my way. Stay positive, I know I can do this. 

On a side note, Ive turned 23 today (: And happy 50th bday mum! Yup we share the same bday. How cool is that? Hehe. Till then, xoxo 

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