Trust your hopes, Not your fears

Sunday, November 3, 2013.

On saturday, 2nd Nov 2013, me and my friends arrived at SARANG CAFE at 2.15pm to try out their food, due to the great review. However I was utterly disappointed with the service. We ordered 4 main dish at 2.30pm and the last dish came at 3.45pm. They actually forgotten the order until we approached. The shop was not even crowded, gosh! Even so, we still tolerated and accept their apologies.

Done eating, we asked for the bill from one of the workers. We waited for 15 minutes but no one came. We then approached another worker, they acknowledge but still, no action was taken. In the end, we walked in to the cashier counter, and make the payment. I have a 10% discount card but the cashier said it cant be used, only till her colleague said the card can be use, she said it was too late and cant be voided. When the fact is, the one that shes issuing to us, was the 2nd receipt as she forgotten to include one of our orders in the 1st receipt. Still at this point, we did not pass any bad remarks to them, we kept quite although we were already pissed off. 

The moment we left the cafe, the cashier approached us and said "Its okay, we're not charging for the hot drink" while dumping the money ($1.40 coins) on the table. The thing is, we didnt even ordered any hot drinks that she claims, and if we were to compare with the 10% discount that should be offset it was $7.50. Apart from that RUDE gesture, we even said thank you. And to our surprise, she then said behind our back saying we are giving attitude??!! 

Its good enough we tolerated the delays you gave us, we didnt even raise our voice, question you back or make any SINGLE NOISE or creating unpleasant scene at the cafe. Not even demanding for any complimentary. We just kept quiet and yet YOU as a worker cant even tolerate our (YOUR CUSTOMERS) damn pissed off face? And apart from saying we are giving attitudes, you even said kite orang kurang ajar behind our back?! What is this??? Seriously, so RUDE. Such a bad customer service. 

I really hope in future, they'll improve on their customer service and not recruiting RUDE workers. 

Nonetheless, the food was great, its just the service that pissed us off. Afterall, service is what makes a good cafe, and worth coming back. 

Here's a snapshot on what we ate. I had grilled cajun dory and it was really nice. So give it a try! (:


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