Trust your hopes, Not your fears

Tuesday, May 17, 2011.

Hey there! Well Im not pretty sure if there is still any reader following my blog, but just wana do a quick update (: I know Ive been neglecting this blog eversince Ive started working, and not only that, Ive neglected my laptop too. Ive not been using it for almost a month. Sorry lappy. So having said that, I have decided to remove the tagboard at the side cause I no longer gona be active here. Well yes, people might suggest I should just delete this blog BUT im not gona do that, cause this online diary has been close with me eversince I was 17. Cause believe me, I'll definitely still blog once a while, just to make sure this blog is still ALIVE (: Many also said I should move to tmblr. Hmm, well I cant deny tmblr is so much easier to express myself just by the cool pictures, but again, I wont have the time. Afterall, some of those cool pictures that I totally love will be posted at my fb account (: Anyway, my graduation day will be on next wednesday! Im so excited for it :D
Im also currently waiting for university replies, hopefully I got into any of it. Cause I really wana continue studying. For now, yup Im happy with the workplace I got into, will be working till August unless uni rejects me, then I'll be continue working till next year. Overall, life has been super great (: Personal wise, well it gets better each and everyday especially with the busyness that Im tied to. But yes, I can never lie that Im still loving the same person. Missing him, as always. Especially whenever I passed by the place we first met. Cause currently Im working nearby the area, and always been walking around there, every spot of the place reminds me of you. Its hard, but I know time will heal everything. 

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