Trust your hopes, Not your fears

Tuesday, August 16, 2011.

Ive officially ended my working life, I mean my 'temp job' ><
Now to the beginning of new life, BACK TO SCHOOL! Im seriously not excited about this. Im feeling rather nervous and confused. Im not sure whether the course that I chose really suits me the best and if its not, can I really endure, cope with it, and do well? Im afraid, fear of failing.
For once, I wana really score well and make my parents esp mum proud. I really hope these upcoming 3 yrs of study life will be a smooth one & lead me to a good job. Insya'allah :)
Now its the 16th of ramadhan, less than 2 weeks time we will be celebrating Hari Raya.
Preparation wise, baju raya semue dah complete :D BUT kuih raya belum lagi. Planning to bake one tonight. Hmm what shall I bake?? Well perhaps chocolate chips & peanut butter cookies for a start :) Afterall, I cant seem to fall asleep yet, so must as well do something productive ;)
Personal wise, hmm its been almost a year, yup a year of silence. Wherever you are my dearest 'mr charming', do take good care of yourself and be happy alright, well Im sure u have been doing good :)

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