Trust your hopes, Not your fears

Wednesday, August 28, 2013.

Alright the title says so. Its gone be a long write-up since I wana share with you guys what Ive been up to for the past weeks :) 

Lets start with 1) Exam Results. 
Alhamdulilah, results was much much better than the previous. Now im so looking forward to my new term, since its gona be my final year in university, InsyaAllah. 

2) My good friend leaving for Aussie.
My good friend decided to further studies in australia for 5 years. Well I never knew I will teared up badly on his departured date. So me and my few friends decided to bid-gdbye to him at the airport. I was insanely sad. We were so close, he's like a big brother to me. The one who could tolerate my misbehaviours with a calming smile. I thought the crying would stop the minute I stepped-off from the airport. But no, it carries when I was falling asleep and right till the next morning when I woke up. I terribly feel the loss. And what makes me even sad, he prolly not coming back at all for these coming 5 years, as he has to sail and work. The good thing is, this cyber world has save us from being 'misery' Haha. With whatsapp, skype and other social networks apps, definitely makes everything seems better. (: Im glad hes doing fine there and that hes adapting with the new environment, Alhamdulilah. May Allah ease his learning journey, and grant him lots of success, InsyaAllah. 

3) Down with fever 
So due to the crying session above, I was down with fever. My throat was swelling badly, block nose, and I really feel terrible. Right till this moment, Im still recovering from my bad cough and flu. Thank god, the fever has shoooo away. So in this month of Aug itself, Ive fall sick twice. I must learn how to take good care of myself from now onwards. Dont wana always fall sick :/

4) New braces color
YEAY to my new braces color : Baby blue. Its soooo prettty! Loving it! Hehe. Ive got it changed yesterday, my teeth is pretty tight now. Therefore, back to my porridge diet >.< 

5) UniRaya
So on the 26th, I went for raya-outing with my girls, it was a BLAST. We had soo much fun. Glad that we bonded well, esp with some that we've just known on the day itself. Now cant wait for our next outing, InsyaAllah. 

6) Luvvvvvv
Im currently in a situation which Im totally confused. Here I am still not quite done with my past feelings, and now, there's a new Hero, trying to 'save' my life. The problem is, I dont 'see' him as a life partner BUT few of my friends insisted that I should give him a chance, go with the flow kinda thing. Hmmm, for now, I just wana ignore it, Im just taking as if hes just being extra-caring towards me. Cause I dont want anyone to get hurt. But if this persists, Im left with last step : Solat Istiharah. Guidance from Allah, that would be the best (: 

Till my next post, xx. 

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