Trust your hopes, Not your fears

Thursday, August 15, 2013.

Hey bloggy!
Im finally back :D Thanks to my bestfriend for helping me to reactivate this precious blog of mine.
Ive abandoned this blog for almost two years eversince it was hacked. Seriously, back then, I was so depressed when I couldnt accessed to this anymore. Alhamdulilah, now Im back here again. SUPER GLAD :)

So the minute I managed to sign in, I clear up my profile, making it neater and mature. Haha. And for some reason I dont know why, for those very very old posts, like in 2008 to 2011, Ive decided to saved it as draft instead now. Hahaha. Like OMG what was I thinking in those days?
How could I write something so childish, jiwang, merepek+kental.
Eeeeee, malunye! (embarrased) >.<
So now that its revert to draft, I shall keep those posts to myself, memories.

Im finally in my 20s, 22 to be precise, and yes, many things have happened, changed over the years. Positive changes I should say. And yup, I agree, everything happens for a reason. And Allah knows best. :)
Have faith, stay positive and always look on the bright side of life.
Till my next post, xoxo.
*Exam result will be released tmr, hopefully is all good, InsyaAllah.*


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