Trust your hopes, Not your fears

Monday, September 16, 2013.

As the title says so, Im finally back to sch. InsyaAllah, if everything goes well, this will be my final yr in sch (: And for the record, this is the only year that Ive no one, that's in the same class as me. None of my friends managed to get the same slot :( 

All this while, Ive been lucky to have atleast a friend for my every module. Its actually not that bad being alone in class, I mean Ive ever lunch alone during my lunch periods. Its just that, having a friend in the same class, it somehow 'brightens' my day, mood during lesson (: 

But Alhamdulilah, I managed to make a new friend in class today. A very nice chinese girl (: Im no longer a loner now, hahaha. Well atleast for this module >.<

You know bloggy, as Im walking around in sch today, hmm.. well.. okay, who am I lying to? Its just different this year. Being in sch where I could no longer bump into someone that I love. That charming face.. Yes I know our story are pretty much done since yrs back. But this feelings, they just wouldnt stop loving you and Ive no clue to that. Ive missed you today. Ive miss your presence. I know Ive got to move on. I guess, I just happened to remember you alot today. It'll all get better, move on. :') 

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