Trust your hopes, Not your fears

Sunday, December 29, 2013.

Dear heart, tell me what are the exact ways to heal this broken heart?
Dear mind, tell me how can I get rid those memories off my mind? 
Dearself, tell me how much stronger I need to be to finally get over this?
Dear feelings, tell me the ways to refrain myself from having these continuous pain? 
Ya Allah, please give me all the strength that I need. Guide my feelings to sincerely forgive those who have terribly hurt me. Help me Ya Allah, to forgo all these. 

Its been years. Seeing at how strong Ive been, I thought Ive fully healed. But perhaps I was wrong. There's just something that could still break down those walls Ive built, and in just seconds, Im shattered. And emotions, its just one of the hardest to deal with. 

How does one actually, completely moves on? Remove them from your newsfeed? Delete all their photos? Remove them from your contact list? Keep yourself busy? Get to know a new person? Distant yourself from them? Get away from anything related to them? 
Yes, its all in my checklist. Done that.
But why does that someone still lingers on your mind? How do you stop remembering that someone? Its really easier said than done. 

Why, the random thoughts of maybe in few yrs time, they'll probably get engaged or married, breaks you down? How are you going to get urself prepared to this news? You shouldnt be in tears, you know that. 

Why does seeing that someone or his family members on teevee, always gives you a sudden heartache? How much longer are you going to skip teevee programmes that involves them, just not wanting to be remembered of the past? Fear that it will causes you to breakdown. 

Why cant you just let go of your love, accept someone that does love you, and be genuinuely happy for that particular someone that has broken your heart?  
You do know, feelings cant be forced. And it all goes back to fate, the Creator. 

Please my dear heart, you really got to heal. Its no one's fault, really. Its just not meant to be, and everything happens for a reason. Have faith, cause Allah knows best. 

Ya Allah, please help me go through these with a light heart. Sesungguhnya, jodoh itu rahsia mu ya Allah.. 

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