Trust your hopes, Not your fears

Friday, December 27, 2013.

The moment when u realised 2013 is ending in just few more days. WOW, seriously? Well my dear time, you surely did fly pretty fast this year. I could barely feel december and its like going off so soon? Haha. Indeed, it has been a tough year for me but neverthless, there are plenty of joyous moments that is more worth to be remembered (: 
Just like every year, I gathered my strength, to be the best in everything I could. And whatever thats not been achieved, it shall be carried forward to the new year's resolution, As every failures is always the first step towards achieving your goals. So with that in mind, lets just conclude my 2014 goals : 

1) Finish up my driving license. 
Ohh yesss, I really need to. Im like turning 23 in this coming march and my parents has been super naggy towards this issue. Okay mum, no worries, I'll get this done asap *peace*

2) Degree cert.
As you all know, its my final year in uni. So I really hope I'll clear all my papers and graduate with a good degree cert (: 

3) Business.
Im currently starting back with my online business. So hopefully this time round, it'll be more successful.  I just gotta work hard for this, since its always in my dream list to be a successful entrepenuer. 

4) Sign up for hairstlying, facial/spa, baking course/classes.
Well theres no harm picking up some extra skills, cz you might never know when u need it ;)

5) Job.
InsyaAllah, with good grades, I might be able to get a good job (: 

6) Love life. Mr Right 
Well, certainly the Creator knows best. Have faith :) 

7) Be a better person.
Lets "kill" those bad behaviours, habits. 

8) Umrah 
InsyaAllah, hopefully (: 

May 2014 be a better year for all of us and lets work hard, achieve more than what we have aim. InsyaAllah. 

Goodluck for 2014 darlings, xx

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